Our Team

Dr. Dinesh Shetty


Dr. Shetty is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Utah, President of MSRI, and served on the board of Versa Power Systems (VPS). He is also co-founder of MSRI. Dr. Shetty received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science from Northwestern University in 1970 and 1973, respectively. He has over 30 years of experience in research and development in the field of advanced ceramics and ceramic-matrix composites. His research has led to the publication of 130 peer-reviewed papers in technical journals and proceedings. He is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society and a past Associate Editor of the Journal of American Ceramic Society.

Dr. Anil Virkar

Vice President

Dr. Anil V. Virkar is Distinguished Professor and H. Kent Bowen Chair in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Utah and Vice President of Materials and Systems Research, Inc. (MSRI). He is a co-founder of MSRI. He received Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Materials Science in 1973. He is a member of National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, Fellow of The Electrochemical Society, and a Fellow of the American Society for Metals. He is an author or co-author of over 240 research articles, and an inventor or co-inventor on more than 40 patents. He has conducted research and development on nanoscience materials and their applications in fuel cells, sensors, batteries on numerous funding sources including, U. S. Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Department of Air Force, California Energy Commission, Gas Research Institute, Utah Centers of Excellence Program (COEP), USTAR, Electric Power Research Institute and private industry.

Greg Tao, Ph.D.

Research Scientist & Principal Investigator

Dr. Tao is currently the Principal Investigator on two DOE funded projects for hydrogen production from natural gas using solid-state electrochemical devices. He has extensive experience in phenomenological and numerical models of fuel cells and electrolyzers, solid-state electrochemistry, and thermal science. Dr. Tao graduated from the University of Arizona with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Xi’an Jiaotong University in China with a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Neill Weber, Ph.D.

Corporate Consultant

Dr. Weber is an in-house consultant at MSRI. He has 12 patents and 27 publications to his credit, many of which have resulted in technologies that have been commercialized. His pioneering work on AMTEC and Na-S battery using β"-alumina solid electrolytes was done during his time at Ford Motor Company. Dr. Weber has more than 30 years experience on β"-alumina materials and other electrochemical devices.

Devin Mcglochlin

Research Engineer

Mr. Mcglochlin has a B.S. in Mechanical
Engineering. He has been working for MSRI since 2011. Presently, Mr. Mcglochlin focuses on
planar SOFC cell and stack design and testing at MSRI.

Erinn Sorge

Research Engineer

Mr. Sorge has a B.S. in Materials Science with an emphasis in ceramics and a minor in chemistry, from the University of Utah.  He started his career at MSRI in 2006 producing, assembling and testing tubular SOFC’s.  Since then, his expertise has expanded into the fabrication and testing of zero expansion and transparent ceramics, varieties of solid state electrolytes, Silicon Carbide materials/composites, glass and ceramic seals, and various synthesis routes for desired ceramic powder properties. 

Mike King

Research Technician

Mr. King has a B.S. in Bioengineering from the University of Oregon, and he has been working for MSRI over 15 years in the experimental
evaluation of electrochemical devices, including solid oxide fuel cells, electrolyzers, and sodium beta batteries. Mr. King performs tape-casting, cathode ink formulation, button cell construction (assembly) and testing.

Steve Gray

Research Technician

Mr. Gray has a Bachelor in Materials Science from the University of Utah, and has over 18 years of experience at MSRI performing manufacturing and production duties for SOFC's to be used in-house as well as for product cells. Mr. Gray is involved in SOFC fabrication, handling and running material analyses using XRD/SEM/HRTEM at off-site facilities. Mr. Gray also manages plasma spraying operations.

Rachel Goeckeritz


Ms. Goeckeritz has over thirty years experience in government and commercial contracting.  Ms. Goeckeritz has a Legal Assistant Certificate and served on the Board of Directors of the Legal Administrators Association. She graduated Cum Laude from Westminster College with a degree in Human Resource Management and has a PHR Certification and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Salt Lake Society of Human Resource Management.  She has an MBA with a Graduate Certificate in Finance and is a Certified Professional Contract Manager.